Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hi-Tech City

Here lies my immediate future. Unfortunately the photos are from the not so recent past, so large tracts of what is now concrete are still mud.

long time

reaaaally long time
since I last posted. Life has gone through some ups and a lot of downs, reaaally major downs, in this period. IIT life has come to an end, I still can't believe that I've left the place I've now thought of as home for four years. The last few months at IIT felt exactly like i felt when I was leaving home for the first time to join IIT way back in 2002. I have still not been away long enough for nostalgia to hit me but it will come soon.

I'll get back to the senti later. For now, I am at Amazon in Hyderabad as a Software Development Engineer whatever that means. I am put up at a pseud-max guest house of sorts until this weekend and then I am screwed. I was to look for an apartment in the last week or so that I have been here and that is the last thing I've done :( Work has been sort of boring the last week except for the weekend where I went back to doing night-outs (i went back to iit and dear old vigil for some very suspicious reasons). Then I had a rather frantic monday where I spent 5 hours in the mumbai domestic air terminal and finally took a bus to Hyderabad.

Meanwhile, I have noticed a severe downward trend in my IQ, me listening and my seeing. I have a very distinct feeling that I am entering what is more familiarly called the period of senility :P Maybe I'd had recovered some of my youth and splendor :)) byt the time I write my next post here.