Wednesday, June 29, 2005

My Namesake

Coincidences are fun!
Especially when that allows you to find a namesake who happens to be 6 years your senior from the same department and same institute you are studying at. More so when that person was a Techfest-OC, started IIT Bombay's first startup and whose current address reads Mountain View, CA.

I was filling up a form at some site and filled in my gmail-id as kashyap instead of kashyapp. And whatever message had to reach me, obviously went off to the wrong id. I then wrote an apology to this guy and wonder of wonders ...

And wonder of wonders, can you believe that I'd seen his photo over 2 months ago without paying real attention to who it was. Zishaan put up a photo of Kashyap's Marriage Ceremony on his photoblog and I distinctly remember seeing it back then. If only I'd known....

Wallpaper for the rains

Vladstudio is one of my favourite places to pick up wallpapers from. This new wallpaper feels nice on the desktop when it is pattering away outside.


Monday, June 20, 2005

Unicode, Inscript and Linux

कश्यप पयिडिमर्रि
కఴశ్యప్ పయిడిమర్రీ

Was fiddling around with unicode and stuff today(for no reason whatever). Managed to get my name written in Hindi and Telugu all by myself :) Enough of achievement for today :)

If you are in windows and if blogger doesn't screw up with the UTF-8 encoding, then you should be able to see something to the effect of
WindowsXP is supposed to support the full unicode character set of which the devanagiri and telugu scripts are now a subset of.
Not that the modern linux distros are far behind. The comp i am right now using is an RHEL3 and doesn't seem to have any indian fonts but FC2 onwards, all the fedora distros are purported to have Indic support alongwith transliteration support for hindi, gujju and a few other indian languages. I will check this out later tonight.

So if you are in linux and if your distro doesn't seem to have out-of-the-box support for your language, you might want to check out this link.
setting up your browser for Indic scripts.
this is a page in and at the bottom, there are a bunch of links to other places with references to similar pages in Hindi etc.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Latest updates


arun got AIR-2 in JEE-2005

UPDATES (1:00 am, july 17th)
Hindu article on eamcet results(Arun got state 14th)
arun_vaarta_croppedOf eenadu and vaarta, AP's biggest newspapers, vaarta came out with the first online article that had proper information in it.

UPDATES (11:55 pm, 18th June)
Kartik Dasa found these two links. I searched around today but could find no article in an english paper on the JEE results, and our dasa guy here finds two. Hail Dasa!.

Article in
Article in kashyapp,passwd: kashyap)
Eenadu 17th June article. from Archives
Another Article in Eenadu
Hopefully both of these are permalinks. Anyway I should archive all these pages.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

a learning experience :(

Been through arguably what should be the worst night of my life. Most people would marvel at the enormous stupidity of it all. And even though I am calling it the worst night of my life, I curiously don't 'feel' anything. It is just that it has to be the worst night of my life, so bad that I can't even be bitter about it or yell about it.

Before I get back to myself, I must note that Zishaan has announced that he'd be unable to keep updating his photoblog point-n-shoot. Hopefully, it only means that he'll be unable to update it for some time and will get back to it in a few months.

And for those still with me to hear me bickering about my woes, lets begin.
It all started when that cheeky little monkey man Adnan asked if I'd come on a trek to Gorakhgarh. Seeing no reason to say no, and tired of doing little other than my internship, I decided to go along. Well, so I go get me a nice pair of shoes yesterday. And that is where the trouble began. As soon as we started last night for Kalyan (it was to be a night trek, that is where the night part comes in), my feet started complaining. I hoped my feet and their shoes would find peace by themselves and ignored it. By the time we got to Thane, pain had set in and forced me to buy a pair of socks to replace the thick ones I was wearing. From that point, it was down all the way. Getting from Thane to Kalyan, I miss Kalyan station and have to come back from the next station while the others were waiting at "Kashyap Enterprises, Platform:2, Kalyan Station". Then we take bus to Murbaad from Kalyan where I am practically limping. At Murbaad, I eventually giveup and while the others boarded a bus for Dehri, I got back to Kalyan. Reached Kalyan early enough to see the last local leave. The last bus into Bombay has also left. Take the
Gorakhpu-LTT express and get off at Thane only to realise that it was 2:00 in the night and an auto to IIT would subtract approx 150 rs from my tiny pocket. Feet still killing me, only driving force is that I can get back to IIT before sunrise, I sit down on a bench at Thane station. I then realised that you are not allowed to sleep on station benches, that you can't sit-n-sleep on station benches, and that all stations as a rule suck. Eventually at 4:00 pm, a local starts off from Thane and sad little me sleeps off on the train and wakes up at Sion, four stops after Kanjur. It is 5:00 by the time I take a train back from Sion and get to the auto and to top it all, those sad little security people make don't let me in without writing an entry into the register as to why I was going to IIT.

Meanwhile, the root of all this trouble, the big toes on my feet give up the fight with the shoes my feet were in and have gone numb and hence painless. Only as I write this has circulation been restored and some semblance of normalcy restored to my groggy brain. Adieu.

Saturday, June 11, 2005


I seem to be going on an on about him :)
But when you have a brother who gets himself into the Indian team for the International Chemistry Olympiad, you can't not be proud. And to top it, he wins himself an award, at the Physics Olympiad Selection Camp, for "Best Solution to a Challenging problem".

Notice announcing the awards at HBCSE (Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education) where the camps were held.
So , Arun now flies to Taipei, Taiwan on the 14th of July.

That's all for now, enough braggadacio (hope the spelling's right)