Thursday, June 16, 2005

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arun got AIR-2 in JEE-2005

UPDATES (1:00 am, july 17th)
Hindu article on eamcet results(Arun got state 14th)
arun_vaarta_croppedOf eenadu and vaarta, AP's biggest newspapers, vaarta came out with the first online article that had proper information in it.

UPDATES (11:55 pm, 18th June)
Kartik Dasa found these two links. I searched around today but could find no article in an english paper on the JEE results, and our dasa guy here finds two. Hail Dasa!.

Article in
Article in kashyapp,passwd: kashyap)
Eenadu 17th June article. from Archives
Another Article in Eenadu
Hopefully both of these are permalinks. Anyway I should archive all these pages.


Kartik said...


Seriously no words can be expressed about this....

Just !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Nikhil said...



Does that mean we can rag him as much as we rag you, kashyapp? :))

Congrats kiddo!

JagS said...

coool...congos this the best rank in South India??