Thursday, June 16, 2005

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arun got AIR-2 in JEE-2005

UPDATES (1:00 am, july 17th)
Hindu article on eamcet results(Arun got state 14th)
arun_vaarta_croppedOf eenadu and vaarta, AP's biggest newspapers, vaarta came out with the first online article that had proper information in it.

UPDATES (11:55 pm, 18th June)
Kartik Dasa found these two links. I searched around today but could find no article in an english paper on the JEE results, and our dasa guy here finds two. Hail Dasa!.

Article in
Article in kashyapp,passwd: kashyap)
Eenadu 17th June article. from Archives
Another Article in Eenadu
Hopefully both of these are permalinks. Anyway I should archive all these pages.

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