Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Life or something like it

If only I had the ability to come up with blog titles that are not already movie titles. In this case we have a 2002 movie with Angeline Jolie that I am sure I've never actually seen, let alone hear of.

And I should add my customary line on how so infrequently I've gotten to posting entries here. Life has not been entirely sparing me to do frivolous activities like this and I've taken to spending more and more time doing nothing more than anything.

However, there is suddenly also so much to write about. There's to write about my conference poster that somehow managed to get itself completed, printed and reach the conference in time, if only barely. There's to write about how I've started treating office as an extension of iit and why my manager might be feeling like my advisor in iit. There's to write about how I actually got round to taking a girl out to a concert and dinner, even if it was entirely platonic and the band in question turned up a whole two hours late and us leaving after just two songs. The realisation that I am at that point in life where childhood friends suddenly start announcing that they're getting married. And what about the fact that you really don't want to change to fit into what is called the industry but that you'd rather find a place that accepts you as you are. The irony of finding that the television you got shipped all the way from home to your flat goes dead the moment you switch it on. The fact that I might never get over leaving 4 years of college life behind. That money so subtly affects things around despite you having a lot lot more than you'd possibly need.

Now that I've come down to writing out practically everything that floats around my idle head, let me just go on. It's just that sometimes my empty head just turns into this emotional pumpkin (okay, I have absolutely no idea where I got that metaphor from).

That parents are sometimes underrated and nothing in words can really express the amount of love and care they are capable of giving, not withstanding how badly you hurt them sometimes. How, they can completely understand you like the closest friend you have bringing the age and generation gap to nought. That, however old you are, there is
always something you can learn from them.

Also, I increasingly find that girls live in a completely different world, where the rules are written differently. That while one of your friends decides to marry someone she's really known only over phone and im, another of your friends is about to marry someone her parents found for her and who she knows absolutely nothing about. That while one girl hopes that she doesn't find her marriage boring, another is okay to getting married as long as she is allowed to work after marriage.

Meanwhile, this is my sixth month at work, a time that has flown as unnoticed as a sleepy semester in iit. I'll be turning 22 this 21st and given that I have a couple of bad deadlines on the 20th and 27th, it'll be a steal if I can get enough time out of office and hang out somewhere with friends. And Microsoft (no, I work at Amazon) is hosting yet another mega-party this weekend.