Monday, June 20, 2005

Unicode, Inscript and Linux

कश्यप पयिडिमर्रि
కఴశ్యప్ పయిడిమర్రీ

Was fiddling around with unicode and stuff today(for no reason whatever). Managed to get my name written in Hindi and Telugu all by myself :) Enough of achievement for today :)

If you are in windows and if blogger doesn't screw up with the UTF-8 encoding, then you should be able to see something to the effect of
WindowsXP is supposed to support the full unicode character set of which the devanagiri and telugu scripts are now a subset of.
Not that the modern linux distros are far behind. The comp i am right now using is an RHEL3 and doesn't seem to have any indian fonts but FC2 onwards, all the fedora distros are purported to have Indic support alongwith transliteration support for hindi, gujju and a few other indian languages. I will check this out later tonight.

So if you are in linux and if your distro doesn't seem to have out-of-the-box support for your language, you might want to check out this link.
setting up your browser for Indic scripts.
this is a page in and at the bottom, there are a bunch of links to other places with references to similar pages in Hindi etc.

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Vikas said...

Oh hey heard the news about your bro. Congrats to him man!! Major crack scene.

And he looks like a xerox copy of you!