Tuesday, May 24, 2005

elated, depressed and schizoprenic

no bones please!

After the flurry of books I read over the past few weeks, I read another and this time it had to be Doctors by Erich Segal.Doctors is atleast as good as "Love Story" and "Man, Woman and Child".

And the choice of subject and opening line have little relation to my reading of books. I am elated because Arun (pdot junior) cracked the 14th rank in AP's CET (EAMCET). He then hopped on a plane to Bombay and he's here for the next two weeks.
I am depressed because, I usually tend to be, unless lifted up by events such as the above.
And schizoprenic is just another cool sounding word.


Kartik said...

Hey give my congrats to junior!!


ansari said...

Hey that's awesome! Congratulations, and pat your bro on the back. 14th rank is simply amazing. (engg or med?)

Yeah I liked Doctors too :) Was a good book.

How's PT coming along?

Audiophile said...

arun kicks some serious butt! INPHO,INCHO,EAMCET,..(IIT very soon)

ansari said...

Whoa! Are we looking at another Yashodan here?

Luv said...

well junior cracked air 2, and is going to international chem olympiad
we are definitely looking at another yasho!!