Friday, June 15, 2007

6 months

6 months! Its been that long since there's been something here. Well, not exactly, I did have a post in between on a rather interesting but strange topic which I tore down shortly after that. But yeah, it was rather irrelevant.

Some interesting facts
1) In 20 days from now, I actually finish an year of working here. Lot to look back upon and little to look back upon at the same time. I've grown in some ways and regressed in others. But all in all, it's been a happy jolly time with loads of money in the bank account :P More on this when I actually finish an year.
2) Our office has grown at an awesome pace and from where I started off in a lonely corner, we now occupy a whole floor of office space. And we have the obvious perks/pains of being the early birds. But yeah, being what I am, I try harder than I should to remain the dorky noob around :D
3) I bought meself a bike, and I ride about a reasonable bit. Done about 1440 kilometres in 75 days now mostly the daily trip to and fro office despite that we have a rather comfortable cab service at our disposal. As a side effect, I've tanned crazily especially given that it was the summer.

4) Meanwhile, I realised I've not entirely lost my hand at painting and sketching. And that I don't suck at it. The photo of the painting is not exceptional and is a little blurred and dull. Yeah, but it'll work.

Lifewise, bunch of stuff has happened that doesn't really fit into blog pages like this. I've been up and down and around. The undergrad batch after me has passed out. And a bunch of freshers have joined us at work. My brother is now past two years at IIT and doing surprisingly well completely unlike me. Classmates, friends and cousins are moving on and ahead in life. I should also get a bit of my inertia out and make serious efforts to move on and up.

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Arjun Karande said...

C'est la vie. And life goes on...
(insert cliche here)