Friday, October 31, 2008

माँ, मै भी जूनियर आर्टिस्ट रह जाऊँगा

The passage of time seems to show scant regard for the fact that many schooltime summers were spent going to drawing classes. When you wake up one morning with the intent to put brush to paper to reproduce a color plate from a book on water-color painting, you realise you're still struggling with the same demons of color and water and brush that haunted those simple summertime evenings. The picture above came out as a result of a series of well-explained steps from a book on using water colors. By myself, scarcely could I have ventured into trying to do the whole water scene. But despite my best efforts, there are mistakes aplenty, though admittedly this is resultwise very decent by my standards. So yeah, all the junior artistness in the title is simply an assertion of the fact that I need to learn more painting :D

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Audiophile said...

nice one man. stop with the junior artistness thing..