Saturday, July 18, 2009


A while ago, I'd come across Emacspeak, an audio desktop for emacs with serious powers, and that led me to the author of emacspeak, T.V.Raman.

T.V.Raman's a Research Scientist at Google having previously worked at places like IBM research labs and Adobe after completing his PhD from Cornell in '94. He won the ACM Doctoral Dissertation award for his thesis.

And all of this is underlined by the fact that this man is completely blind, from childhood. The bulk of his work is in the direction accessibility on the web, auditory interfaces and he's most well known for Emacspeak. Apart from that, he's authored a book on XForms and is a bigwig in the W3C circles.

His home page:

This blog of his on xml applications has some pretty neat entries/presentations on the web and more specifically his thoughts on the direction of the web after web 2.0. Do watch one of his talks (linked below), he has a neat sense of humour and is an excellent speaker.


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