Thursday, March 24, 2005

honour among thieves and other things

I read A twist in the tale by Jeffrey Archer s few months ago. Finding it good, I picked up another book of his that I found. Honour Among Thieves however turned out to be a sad story that simply loses steam after having built up quite some tension in the first 400 pages or so. To simply massacre villages after villages of poor Iraqi's and then tell
the reader that all was in vain is a little sad. And add to that, the bigger fact that 'poor' Saddam is no longer in power and his 'tyranny' has got nothing left to do in Iraq now, it was my mistake to have picked up the book. It is interesting to note that, the tyranny of dictators, be it Hitler or Saddam or whoever is almost like the staple food of fiction writers and pretty much every writer of thrillers has done one such book.

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