Saturday, March 12, 2005

life on the slow track

most people live on the fast track, me chooses to sleep on the slow track.
that is pretty much what i've been doing for the past few days. been reading "the complete hitchhikers guide" and falling asleep regularly. to add to the lethargy thursday was a day off (having bunked the day's only llecture at 8:30 in the morning :)
people have been asking why i've been underground for such a long time now. maybe it's got something to do with my turning into a werewolf :D
anyway, been reading an enormoue amount of stuff recently. books i've read recently
catch-22 (joseph heller?), da vinci code and digital fortress (dan brown), rock star (?), the complete hitchhikers guide ... , hms ulysses (mac lean)
dan borwn seems to be this author that got lucky with one book of his. all his other books are very similar in feel to the overly successful 'da vinci code'. and alistair mac lean has a grip on me that will not break ever. i read ulysses again after many years and by the time i finished it, i was dazed.

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Parijat said...

you're finding time to read ALL this stuff???? phew!