Thursday, March 16, 2006

Midway through the treat season

and totally strapped of cash :(
Expenses of close to 10K on treats to friends, wingies, cousins and friends. More coming and I have few to no ways of convincing my parents that they have to give me money.

Meanwhile, Chandak (who got into lime group @ $85000, UMD and UNC) and Behjat (who got into sarnoff and UMD) treated us at this wonderful place called TIAN at Juhu. this is a purrfect place for a treat esp when people are in for a cocktail(/mocktail) or two. Their pub has a great ambience and you can always do down to their Indian or Oriental restaurants for a wonderful dinner before you go home and sleep. The service is excellent and they gave a 10% discount and topped it off with a card that guarantees 10% off everytime we visit.

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