Saturday, March 18, 2006

the world moves on

web 2.0 is accelerating at a deadly pace and I have a sinking feeling that I am falling behind a train/truck/whatever that I never managed to get onto.

after a long long time, I go tech hopping today on the net and discover an almighty load of new stuff that I barely knew existed

I thought apache was the whole world, okay, allowing for iis and thttpd. Suddenly I discover LightHttpd. Then go a little round and round reading up its wonders. Meanwhile i hear about zeus, tux, boa etc etc.

Ruby on Rails, fastcgi, memcached etc etc. I discover that LAMP is not the only web-development stack available. SOmbody writes about rubyonrails and talks about stuff like Java/JSTL/Spring/Hibernate/MySQL. And I thought jsp/servlets on Tomcat was all that java and web-devel had in common :)

New Ultra Cool sites:
Zooomr takes on the almighty flickr and zooomr is the product of a 17yr kid! Let some big guy buy him out and the kid will not have to work for the rest of his life :P
Writely in the news because of the google takeover.
Google's feed reader: once again, i am late if knowing what google has been upto.

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Kartik said...

There's even Zimbra which is supposed to be the best of both worlds in email(Outlook + GMail)!!!